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CWTS: Certified Wireless Technology Specialist Official Study

cwnp wp content uploads pdf CWTS Exam CWTS™ Exam Objectives (Exam PW0 070) Copyright 2009 CWNP, Inc All rights reserved Page 5 4 4 Define the need for and the use of a manual site survey tool and killexams demo download PW0

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CWTS™ Exam Objectives (Exam PW0-070)

cwnp wp content uploads pdf CWTS Exam CWTS™ Exam Objectives (Exam PW0 070) Copyright 2009 CWNP, Inc All rights reserved Page 5 4 4 Define the need for and the use of a manual site survey tool and

CWNP PW0-070 - killexamscom

killexams demo download PW0 070 pdf D IS 54 Answer B QUESTION 222 Which of the following is viewed by Spectrum Analyzer? A Radio frequency B Wireless packet C Data rate D Association frame

PW0-070 Exam - Certified Wireless Technology Specialist

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pdf maitiku PW0 070 pdf C A long length of antenna extension cable D A very high number of wireless users Answer B,C Which of the following is an advantage of using wireless IEEE 802 11g over IEEE 802 11b?

Exam : PW0-070 Title : Certified Wireless Technology

pdf pass4test PW0 070 pdf The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams 5 8 A Answer A 11 In an 802 11b wireless network, which of the following two channels can be used so that there is no

PW0-070Q&As - certbuscom

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Certified Wireless Technology Specialist - officialcertscom

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prepawayexam demo PW0 070 pdf The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams 5 8 A Answer A 11 In an 802 11b wireless network, which of the following two channels can be used so that there is no

Certified Wireless Technology Specialist - Pass4Sure

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CWTS: Certified Wireless Technology Specialist Official Study


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CWNP PW0-071


Certified Wireless Technology Specialist – Sales


Version: 6

Product Type

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CWNP PW0-071

QUESTION 1 When implementing a wireless LAN,

what is the area covered by an AP and usable by a client station called

Basic Service Area B

Independent Basic Service Set C

Infrastructure Basic Service Set D

Service Set Identifier E

Basic Service Set Identifier Answer: A QUESTION 2 Manufacturers design hardware used for wireless LANs based on a common set of criteria or rules known as standards

The name of the organization responsible for creating 802

Wi-Fi Alliance C

WiMAX Forum E

ITU Answer: A QUESTION 3 Select the statement that correctly describes the Wi-Fi Alliance's primary role in the WLAN industry

The Wi-Fi Alliance is a WLAN industry analyst firm that reports market trends and developments

The Wi-Fi Alliance ensures interoperability of band selection and power settings across regulatory domains

The Wi-Fi Alliance creates compliance standards around which vendors can develop products

The Wi-Fi Alliance creates recommended practices by which the IEEE can test and certify product interoperability

The Wi-Fi Alliance tests and certifies product interoperability based upon standards created by the IEEE

Answer: E QUESTION 4 What wireless network access technology is used to cover a city with 802

WLAN Answer: B

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071

QUESTION 5 Given: Your branch office AP is configured with WPA2-Personal,

and you have decided that CWTS4me is a good passphrase

You have also configured your laptop with the same passphrase,

which is used by the access point to validate the laptop's identity when it attempts to connect to the WLAN

What is this process of identity validation called

Affiliation B

Association C

Authentication D

Activation E

Accounting Answer: C QUESTION 6 You are hired by ABC Company to recommend an appropriate solution for their wireless network

They would like to operate in the 2

To meet that need,

you recommend equipment compliant with the ______ or ______ amendments to the 802

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071

The Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) certification,

which is illustrated in the exhibit,

Fast BSS Transition B

Radio Resource Measurement C

Quality of Service D

Mesh Networking E

Dynamic Frequency Selection F

Security Enhancements Answer: C

QUESTION 8 The two most common modes of WLAN discovery are passive scanning,

where a client station listens for _________ frames,

where a client sends and receives _________ frames

Management C

Probe D

Probe Response

Broadcast E


Control Answer: C QUESTION 9 What is a difference between an Infrastructure Basic Service Set (BSS) network and an Ad Hoc network

In an Ad Hoc network,

only one WLAN controller is used

A BSS allows multiple WLAN controllers to be connected together to form a mobility domain

An Ad Hoc network allows only legacy security options such as WEP

A BSS allows the creation of a robust security network (RSN) using security methods such as WPA2-Personal

A BSS is recommended for enterprise WLANs,

while Ad Hoc deployments are recommended for small and medium businesses

In a BSS,

an access point is used for connectivity to the wired network infrastructure

In an Ad Hoc network,

client stations communicate directly with each other

Answer: D'QUESTION 10 Given: Several users are required to transfer files among themselves in a conference room

No APs are available for connections to the network infrastructure

All users have laptops with 802

What can you implement to allow users to transfer files when 802

but no wireless LAN infrastructure is accessible

BSS “Best Material,

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071


SSID Answer: C QUESTION 11 Wi-Fi certified network devices can operate in what frequency band(s)

900 MHz,

you are tasked with selling Wi-Fi equipment

While evaluating the manufacturer's specifications for a specific Wi-Fi device,

you read that this device supports 802

What capability does this feature provide

QoS for multimedia applications B

Power Save functionality C

Air Time Fairness D

User identity validation Answer: D'QUESTION 13 What layer of the OSI reference model is responsible for data framing for a given physical layer technology

Transport B

Network C

Data Link D

Session E

Presentation F

Application Answer: C QUESTION 14 A WLAN bridge is best-suited for which scenario

Connecting a lightweight access point to a WLAN controller B

Extending the range of an autonomous access point C

Connecting a portable classroom to a school network D

Connecting a small group of wired users to an access point “Best Material,

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071

Linking a cash register to a workgroup bridge Answer: C QUESTION 15 Given: You are recommending an AP for use in a warehouse environment

Some APs will require directional antennas and others will use dipole antennas

What feature must be supported by the APs in this installation

Multiple SSIDs B

Grounding wire connectors C

Pole mounts D

External antennas E

Variable output power Answer: D'QUESTION 16 Exhibits:

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071

View the figures and correctly identify the antenna types illustrated in the figures

Figure 1: Yagi Figure 2: Patch B

Figure 1: Panel Figure 2: Dipole C

Figure 1: Rubber Duck Figure 2: Omni-directional D

Figure 1: Parabolic Dish Figure 2: Grid E

Figure 1: Sectorized Figure 2: Array Answer: D

QUESTION 17 After installing a wireless client adapter into a laptop computer,

what software is required to use the adapter and to configure it to connect to a Wi-Fi network

Web Browser “Best Material,

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071

Client Utility C

Protocol Analyzer D

Captive Portal E

Device Driver Answer: B,E QUESTION 18 As a salesperson,

you have been contacted by an automobile dealership that currently manages each of their 5 SOHO-class access points individually

The owner of the dealership contracts his nephew for the dealership's network administration,

but the nephew admits to a limited knowledge of WLAN technology

The dealership owner and his nephew want you to advise them on how they can simplify the management of their wireless network

You tell them that they are currently managing __________ access points,

and they could consider _____________ to ease the management burden


a WLAN controller-based architecture B

a Wireless Network Management System C

copying one configuration file and importing it into the other access points D

installing a Wireless Intrusion Protection System (WIPS) for management E


a WLAN controller to manage their current access points Answer: A QUESTION 19 Exhibit:

In order to extend network access from Building 1 to Building 2,

ABC Company has implemented a Wi-Fi solution

What type of Wi-Fi solution is shown in the figure

Point-to-point “Best Material,

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071

Point-to-multipoint C

Omnidirectional D

Semidirectional E

Bridge Answer: A,D,F

QUESTION 20 Which explanations of antenna usage are the most accurate

A parabolic dish antenna is ideal for directing a beam down a long hallway

An omni-directional antenna is well-suited to provide wireless coverage in most homes

Patch antennas are mounted in the center of a lecture hall to provide circular coverage

A dipole antenna is mounted to a perimeter wall in school buildings to provide coverage inside the building

A grid antenna is designed to perform favorably as part of an outdoor point-to-point link under windy conditions

Answer: B,E QUESTION 21 Given: To manage increasing enrollment and budget constraints,

a school has temporarily parked classroom trailers near the main building on its campus

Students and teachers in the trailers are using desktop computers and have an occasional need to connect to the main building's network for web browsing

The main building has an existing 802

What would be the most cost-effective and easily-deployable solution to allow the desktop computers in the temporary classrooms to access the main building's network

Install PCI Wi-Fi cards in all of the desktops and wirelessly connect each computer to the main building's access points

Install mesh access points in each of the trailers that connect with portal APs in the main building

Connect the desktop computers in the trailers to the main building by running cables through the existing power conduits D

Install wireless workgroup bridges in each trailer through which the wired desktops can connect to the main building's APs

Answer: D'QUESTION 22 What is one difference between autonomous access points and controller-based access points

Controller-based access points can be centrally managed,

but autonomous access points cannot

Controller-based access points support client roaming,

but autonomous access points do not

Controller-based access points cannot be configured on an individual basis,

but autonomous access points can

Controller-based access points associate to a WLAN controller,

but autonomous access points do not

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071

Answer: D'QUESTION 23 Exhibit:

Identify the wireless radio interface type depicted in the illustration

Mini-PCIe B

Express Card C

CardBus D

Secure Digital E

QUESTION 24 ABC Company would like to provide Wi-Fi coverage to the area highlighted on the floorplan in the exhibit

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071

If mounted at location-A,

what type of antenna would provide a coverage pattern similar to the highlighted area

Diversity Patch B

High-gain Yagi C

Parabolic Grid D

Low-gain Dipole E

Sectorized Array Answer: A

QUESTION 25 Your customer has asked you to recommend a Wi-Fi solution that includes the following features: 1

Role Based Access Control 2

Stateful Firewall 3

Quality of Service What device type can perform all of these functions

Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) B

Wireless Network Management System (WNMS) C

Wireless LAN Controller D

Wireless Workgroup Bridge Answer: C QUESTION 26 As a general rule,

where is the most appropriate location to install a dipole antenna

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071

Near the center of the coverage area B

At one end of the coverage area facing toward the other side C

At the perimeter of the coverage area facing inward D

At the perimeter of the coverage area facing outward E

Directly below the coverage area Answer: A QUESTION 27 Given: ABC Company has asked you to recommend a solution that will provide wireless connectivity for desktop computers at various locations in their warehouse

The locations of the desktop computers prevent the use of Cat5e cabling

What type of client adapter would provide Wi-Fi connectivity to these desktop computers

Mini-PCIe C

ExpressCard D

CardBus E

Secure Digital Answer: A QUESTION 28 ABC Corporation has decided to deploy their first Wi-Fi network in their corporate headquarters

ABC prepared for adding a Wi-Fi network by installing PoE-capable Ethernet switches in their wiring closets

What type of PoE implementation is this

Midspan B

Endpoint C

Injector-based D

Powerline E

Proprietary Answer: B QUESTION 29 How do Wi-Fi routers differ from Wi-Fi access points

Wi-Fi routers are comprised of both a router and an access point within the same hardware

Wi-Fi routers allow wireless users to connect to a wired network,

but Wi-Fi access points do not

Wi-Fi routers offer advanced security options,

but Wi-Fi access points are only capable of basic security

Wi-Fi routers allow wireless users to talk to other wireless users,

but Wi-Fi access points do not

Answer: A QUESTION 30 The Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA) protocol is necessary in Wi-Fi networks because ___________

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071

RF transmissions can be captured and decrypted without CSMA/C A

Wi-Fi clients need a standardized method of conserving battery power

The wireless transmission medium is half-duplex,

Wireless data must be converted to a format that is compatible with Ethernet networks

Answer: D'QUESTION 31 What unit of measurement is used to measure the power difference between two RF signals

Joule B

Decibel C

Ampere Answer: B QUESTION 32 dBi is a(n) ___________ measurement of gain introduced by ___________

a radio chain Answer: C QUESTION 33 Exhibit:

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071

In what type of Wi-Fi deployment is an antenna mounted using a pole mounting kit,

Indoor Mesh B

Outdoor Bridging C

Office space APs D

Hotel guest access Answer: B



UNII Answer: E QUESTION 35 What is used as a relative measurement of signal strength at the receiving client on an 802

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071

Milliwatt Answer: C QUESTION 36 ABC Academy is currently using non-802

What problem will ABC Academy experience if they deploy Wi-Fi client devices in the 2

The Wi-Fi client devices will experience performance degradation due to co-channel interference

Wi-Fi client devices will create a security hole in the Wi-Fi infrastructure as a protection mechanism

If the Wi-Fi client devices detect the security cameras,

they will move to the 5 GHz band and stop transmitting in the 2

4 GHz band

The Wireless Network Management System (WNMS) would not be able to manage the APs near the security cameras

Answer: A QUESTION 37 What two factors are used to calculate the wavelength of an RF wave

Frequency B

Speed of light C

Amplitude D

Phase Answer: A,B QUESTION 38 What type of protection does a lightning arrestor provide to a Wi-Fi system

Protection from direct lightning strikes B

Prevention of direct lightning strikes C

Redirection of transient current due to nearby lightning strikes D

Absorption of the energy induced by direct lightning strikes Answer: C QUESTION 39 Which statement best defines SNR

The difference between the noise floor and a signal's strength B

The technology used to detect objects using RF waves C

The absolute measurement of signal strength at the receiver D

The frequency of the RF signal compared to that of an interferer “Best Material,

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071

Answer: A QUESTION 40 Simple antenna diversity mitigates the adverse effects caused by which common Wi-Fi problem

Hidden node B

RF signal absorption C

Multipath D

Co-channel interference E

Polarization Answer: C QUESTION 41 Which Wi-Fi technology simultaneously uses multiple radio chains to transmit or receive data

High Rate Direct Sequencing Spread Spectrum (HR/DSSS) B

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) C

Extended Rate Physical (ERP) D

Multiple Input,

Multiple Output (MIMO) Answer: D'QUESTION 42 In preparation for site surveys,

your company is creating a questionnaire that will help you understand your customer's client connectivity requirements

What question is NOT appropriate for your company's pre-survey questionnaire

What applications will be used by Wi-Fi client devices on the wireless network

How will Power over Ethernet (PoE) be supplied to Wi-Fi client devices

How many concurrent Wi-Fi client connections are expected on the wireless network

What types of Wi-Fi client devices will be connected to the wireless network

What 802

? Answer: B QUESTION 43 A software-based site survey tool sold by your company allows your customers to determine access point coverage and optimum placement within a facility without visiting the facility

What is the term that most accurately describes this type of site survey

Graphical Assessment B

Automated Calibration C

Dynamic Virtualization D

Predictive Modeling Answer: D'“Best Material,

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071

QUESTION 44 As part of a pre-deployment manual RF site survey,

your manager has assigned to you the task of documenting security and interference details about existing WLANs in the building

What is the best tool for locating and collecting information about existing APs in the building

Spectrum analyzer B

Wi-Fi client utilities C

Wireless protocol analyzer D

Predictive analysis software E

WLAN controller Answer: C QUESTION 45 What statement accurately describes an advantage of manual RF site surveys over predictive site surveys

Manual site surveys are useful for locating and identifying sources of RF interference,

while predictive site surveys are not capable of this task

Manual site surveys are more efficient than predictive site surveys in large facilities because GPS mapping can be used

Manual site surveys are more accurate than predictive site surveys because they take advantage of complex computer simulations

Manual site surveys allow the site surveyor to create a static RF environment,

whereas predictive site surveys are subject to changes in the RF environment

Answer: A QUESTION 46 Given: You are performing a site survey using software that simulates RF behavior in a defined environment

It uses a floor plan and materials information for its calculations

What kind of site survey is performed using this method

Manual B

Active C

Predictive D

Passive Answer: C QUESTION 47 Which scenario represents an improper installation for an AP with low-gain omnidirectional antennas

Placed above the doorway,

at one end of a long hallway B

Placed on the ceiling,

near the center of a meeting room C

Mounted near the middle of a small branch office D

Placed on a centrally-located desk in a small office “Best Material,

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071

Answer: A QUESTION 48 What tool is best suited for locating and identifying sources of RF interference,

Spectrum analyzer B

Wi-Fi client utilities C

Wireless protocol analyzer D

Predictive analysis software E

High-gain omni antenna Answer: A QUESTION 49 Given: In Single-Channel Architecture (SCA) systems,

multiple access points can use the same BSSID

This feature allows for the creation of a network-wide virtual access point that can be applied across multiple physical access points operating on the same channel

What benefit does this solution offer

The virtual AP can be managed using a WIPS platform B

Transmissions travel farther since they are repeated by other APs C

A wider variety of available security mechanisms are available D

Client stations do not have to make roaming decisions Answer: D'QUESTION 50 In what situation is an RF site survey LEAST needed

Office with 3 APs in a multi-tenant building B

Wi-Fi network with 100 APs at a hospital C

Telecommuters using a single "remote AP" at home D

Wi-Fi hot-spot with 10 APs at an airport Answer: C QUESTION 51 In order to assess your customer's Wi-Fi network needs,

you have arranged an initial meeting with your customer's representatives and your systems engineer

So that you can request cooperation and input from all stakeholders,

which individuals from your customer's company should you invite to this functional requirements meeting

Network administrator B

Wireless end users C

Director of Human Resources D

Software engineering manager E

Facilities manager “Best Material,

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071

Answer: A,E QUESTION 52 Given: A customer has recently purchased an 802

The customer wants to know if they need to purchase multiple antennas or a single antenna for the AP

What do you tell them is a benefit of using multiple antennas

Additional gain and therefore a larger coverage area B

Additional functionality through enabling of repeater features C

Transmit and receive diversity that addresses multipath problems D

Improved throughput by enabling full-duplex communication Answer: C QUESTION 53 After your city implemented a municipal Wi-Fi network using 802

your users have been complaining about poor performance on their 802

The best solution for optimizing your 802

Configure your VoWiFi phones for unused 2

Buy new phones that support WPA2-Personal security

Upgrade your VoWiFi phones to 802

Buy new 5 GHz capable VoWiFi phones

Answer: D'QUESTION 54 What symptom would indicate the presence of a hidden node in a Wi-Fi network

An increase in encrypted packets B

An increase in antenna diversity C

An increase in signal leakage D

An increase in retransmissions Answer: D'QUESTION 55 Which one of the following adjustments can most benefit a high density environment

Antennas with more gain B

APs with lower output power C

PoE with more wattage D

Controllers with fewer 802

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071

QUESTION 56 Where is the use of a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) most appropriate

Wi-Fi bridging between two or more buildings within a city B

To provide guest access to the Internet in an office building C

As hot-spot connectivity in large airports and conference centers D

Last mile wireless data delivery to homes and businesses Answer: D'QUESTION 57 As an RF signal propagates,

The reflected signal and the signal following a direct path arrive at the receiver at different points in time

What is the term used to describe this RF behavior

Antenna Diversity B

Multipath C

Multiple In,

Multiple Out (MIMO) D

Channel Reciprocity E

Beamwidth Refraction Answer: B QUESTION 58 What is the most likely cause of low throughput on a hotel's guest network

The user's laptop does not have 54 Mbps data rate enabled

The strong security methods used with public access networks often cause low throughput

The user is too close to the servicing access point

Answer: A QUESTION 59 As an alternative to using leased lines to connect two offices on the same campus,

your customer wants to implement a Wi-Fi solution

When asked by your customer,

what advantages do you cite regarding use of a WiFi infrastructure instead of a leased line

Wi-Fi implementations are more reliable than leased lines

Wi-Fi implementations have a lower total cost of ownership than leased lines

Wi-Fi implementations are not susceptible to outages caused by inclement weather

Wi-Fi implementations support larger numbers of simultaneous connections than leased lines

Wi-Fi implementations offer more flexibility and easier expansion than leased lines

Answer: B,E QUESTION 60 In a typical office building,

Wi-Fi clients are likely to experience poor Wi-Fi coverage in what locations

? (Choose 2) “Best Material,

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071

Cubicles B

Enclosed offices C

Hallways D

Elevators E

Stairwells Answer: D,E QUESTION 61 Given: In ABC Company's branch office,

Some users sit at a picnic table outside the building during lunchtime and have complained that the network is slow and connectivity is intermittent during this period of time

What is the most likely cause of the slow and intermittent connectivity

The users experiencing connectivity problems are using WPA2-Personal,

which has shorter range than 802

WLANs require visual line-of-sight,

and only those clients that can see an AP through a window can connect

The picnic tables are located at the edge of the effective range of Wi-Fi coverage

The client laptops are using 802

Answer: C QUESTION 62 Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions are often used in conjunction with Wi-Fi networks for what purpose

Endpoint security for travelling users connected to unsecure Wi-Fi hot-spots B

Validating user identity when using 802

1X/EAP security C

Capturing and analyzing wireless network frames D

Managing access points that are connected to WLAN controllers Answer: A QUESTION 63 ABC Manufacturing currently has 35 access points throughout their main facility,

and each Friday afternoon two administrators walk the premises with spectrum and protocol analyzers to detect unauthorized devices and network activity

You have noted several problems with this approach

To address the inefficiencies with this approach and to provide the most robust preventative security,

you have set aside a portion of the department's budget to install a ________

Full-time Spectrum Analyzer B

Full-time Protocol Analyzer C

Wireless Distribution System (WDS) D

Single Channel Architecture (SCA) system E

Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) Answer: E “Best Material,

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071

QUESTION 64 ABC Company is comprised of four departments: sales,

The company would like to separate the users on the WLAN so that users from different departments have access to different services on the network

To implement this strategy,

you recommend a WLAN controller that supports _________

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) B

Preshared Key (PSK) C

Extended Service Set Identifiers (ESSIDs) D

Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) E

Wireless Intrusion Protection System (WIPS) Answer: A QUESTION 65 Which Wi-Fi vertical market applications are regulated by a government or industry group for security compliance

Patient records in hospitals B

Guest Internet services in coffee shops C

Inventory management in warehouses D

Location services on cargo ships E

Consumer payment information in retail stores Answer: A,E QUESTION 66 Identify the strongest passphrase-based security mechanism for 802


WPA2-Personal D

WEP Answer: C QUESTION 67 Given: In order to reduce travel-related expenses,

your CFO has enacted a company policy that eliminates cellular data connectivity for traveling users

Many of your users must connect to the office network during travel,

but you have security concerns about wireless hot-spot usage

To address these concerns,

what advice should you give to your traveling users with regard to wireless hot-spot usage

Only use hot-spots that offer either WPA2-PSK or 802

1X/EAP user-based security

Before connecting at hot-spots,

conduct a scan to see if hacking tools are in use

Verify that personal firewall and antivirus software are both enabled before connecting

Great Results”

CWNP PW0-071

You should only use fee-based hot-spots which are more secure than free hot-spots

Always use company-provided VPN client software after connecting to the Wi-Fi network

Answer: C,E QUESTION 68 After successfully connecting to the Wi-Fi network in your hotel room,

you launch a web browser on your laptop

Instead of opening your homepage,

it directs you to a hotel-branded page that asks for your name,

What has most likely happened

You are the victim of a phishing attack,

should not provide the information,

and should call the front desk for help

Every room in the hotel has its own access point,

and entering the room number and key confirms connectivity to the correct AP

The access point is out of connections and you must enter your room number and code to be added to the hotel's Access Request Queue (ARQ) to obtain the next available connection

The hotel is using a captive portal to provide guest connectivity while keeping non-guest users off the wireless network

Answer: D'QUESTION 69 ABC Company's wireless network is configured to hide the SSID in beacons,

and allows connectivity only to approved MAC addresses

For encryption and authentication,

ABC is using WEP security with a 128-bit key

You have been asked to provide feedback about the strength of their security

You tell ABC Company that _________

Each currently-used security mechanism is helpful,

MAC filtering will prevent unauthorized access,

but SSID hiding and WEP will not

MAC filtering and SSID hiding will prevent unauthorized access,

WEP and SSID hiding will prevent unauthorized access,

Each currently-used security mechanism is weak,

Answer: E QUESTION 70 ABC Company has recently deployed a Wi-Fi network in their corporate facility

After deployment,

they considered a solution for monitoring and enforcing their wireless security policy

What type of system can perform this task

Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) B

Predictive Modeling Survey Platform (PMSP) C

Unified Wireless Network Controller (UWNC) D

Adaptive Network Monitoring Service (ANMS) Answer: A

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