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By Andrew Gerard

Congratulations on obtaining this document

Within it you will find a very strong effect and method for performing what looks like a real demonstration of psychic ability

BACKGROUND I always start out with a great idea for an effect… often with no method

This forces me to create a method that is as close as possible to what I want the “real thing” to look like

Often I discover there are methods just waiting to be discovered… we just have to know where to look

I wanted to be able to send someone a package/envelope that contained a deck of cards and instructions to call me when they have received them

When I got the phone call I told them they have been selected to take part in an experiment in testing psychic ability

They were to remove the jokers and advertising cards from a new deck and note that it is a full deck of 52 cards,

in New Deck order (Ace through King)

Without shuffling the cards,

they were to take the deck face down,

turning them face up into a squared pile,

so they can only see one card at a time… and at any point stop on any card

At this point they were to hover their hand above the card that is face up on the pile they have dealt for at least 30 seconds and focus on it,

imagining they could allow a part of their conscious,

and energy to flow out of their hand and flow into the card

Re-assembling the deck by placing the remainder of the cards face up on the dealt pile,

they are to look through the deck and make sure all the cards are still in NEW DECK ORDER

! This means that NOTHING has changed

No shuffling,

etc… the only thing they have done is put their energy into ONE card that they chose

Along in the package there was to be a return envelope post paid and addressed to me

They place the cards back in the box,

again double-checking there are no cards out of order,

and to remember the card they thought of,

They mail the deck back to me and I hold every card between my hands until I feel their “energy” on ONE CARD

I mail this single card back to them,

They call me back and ask me if I was born with this ability or can it be learned

! This was just how I WANTED the effect to look

Copyright 2008 Andrew Gerard

THE TRUTH I knew as a magician this is an impossible scenario,

right……… ******************** BOY WAS I WRONG

No Compromise

THE METHOD I suggest you pick up a deck and hold it face down in your left hand,

as you and everyone else that plays cards does… Now deal the top card onto the table face up

What you have just done is essentially the method

You have not only turned the card over… you have reversed it when the rest of the deck is placed face up on top… so if you deal through 7 cards and turn the rest of the deck face up and place them on top,

the top seven cards have been reversed

You can identify this by looking at the BACKS of the cards

! Now you will see this whole thing works by simply using a ONE WAY back design deck

You can go through the backs when you get the deck back and notice they all go one way and then they will switch

The last card from the top down in the sequence is the card they stopped at and placed their hand over

Somebody give me a,

TO SEE X IN ACTION To see this in action go to: http://www

com/user/GerardTheHypnotist You will find a short clip titled Merry X mas

The “X” is for you… forget what I am saying,

watch what I am doing… Do not share this with a soul

Copyright 2008 Andrew Gerard

WHAT DECKS TO USE You can go into any dollar store or department store and buy many different one way back decks that are not too obvious

Bicycle has the pinwheel deck that is made one way back,

! This means you can send them a real,

! Making your own is always an option

There are numerous ways to one way any deck with a matching color pen,

just do it subtly…blocking out the pedals on a bicycle deck is very easy and subtle

Remember they are mailing the deck back to you anyway

For the Brave… I cannot remember the last time I bought a bicycle deck that was not a natural one-way back… fortunately/unfortunately

The quality of printing has gone down at the factory

This means you could ask someone to just buy a new deck and call you,

What is a One Way back deck

a One Way back design deck is any deck that the back design looks different when the card is turned upside down

Many brands actually print cards this way unaware of what deceptive nuts like me may do with them

Who and When to perform this for: Family /Skeptical Friends This effect is a wonderful one for people you know… those who you should do this for the first few times to get the feel of it,

not that your doing anything but acting… and giving some simple instructions

Newspaper reporters This is a no-brainer to get some press if you have a show coming up,

or want to get your name in your local paper for your promo etc… Clients If you have a client that you will be performing for shortly this is great to get them talking about the show,

you can do the revelation on stage etc…

Copyright 2008 Andrew Gerard

if you have just finished a show and made a connection with the president of the company,

you can contact him after the show and do this to keep the BUZZ about you going

Agents To impress a big agent or management company,

They will never have seen this

agents have usually seen the same material over and over… Close up You can do this effect close up

! Just ask someone to leave the room,

or leave the room yourself etc

and it’s an impossible effect

I deal through them face down and place my hand over each card and spot the back design change

Because the deck is face down,

they do not even know if you were right

Ask them to name the card and THEN ask them to turn it over

suspense is good drama… drama is good theatre


You can use a deck of drawings all numbered 1-40 and the same thing applies,

they can focus on an image and you can reproduce the one they selected LIVE

Imagine bringing someone on stage and saying “2 weeks ago I sent you 40 pictures,

and asked you to go through them and focus on one that attracted you correct

? Now I will try to look inside your thoughts and draw whatever one you were focused on”

Tarot card readers will instantly see this working very well for them,

in this case since there is no order to tarot

You can actually have them shuffle the deck before they deal,

Long distance ACAAN

I will not say anymore

Final Thoughts My Step Father is an Oceanographer and Research Scientist,

and travels more than I do… I gave him a new deck to take with him on a trip to do some work with Russian Researchers on a ship in Russia

While at sea he presented the idea of “Remote Viewing”

The Russians he was working with were familiar with it,

He gave one instructions and then shipped the deck back to ME

! They were in Russia for 2 months,

and when I sent back one card to Vladimir,

they went crazy and held a meeting

Copyright 2008 Andrew Gerard

It just goes to show,

how a small secret can make a HUGE dent in someone’s brain

What if it goes wrong

? The only way this could ever go wrong,

is if they twist their arm around backwards to replace the deck,

or were to deal the cards off the deck in a sideways sweeping motion

I have never seen anyone deal like this,

there is always “something” that could go wrong

I think this small risk is nothing considering the payoff that this effect provides

the next time you see that person,

the invisible deck is your best friend,

Enjoy and please NEVER share this information

All the best,

Andrew Gerard www


Copyright 2008 Andrew Gerard

Andrew Gerard’s Invisible deck Routine: This is one of two presentations that I have created for the tool we use called “The Invisible Deck”

I say a tool,

If you have any of my previous work,

you know I am all about having an interesting premise that by some stretch of our audience’s imagination is real

I also believe that there must be a Process to accompany this idea that captures maximum spectator involvement

The following has these dynamics built in and is very seductive in a psychological way

Spectators watching will also get a great experience and vicariously involve themselves… leaving them with a desire for you to “try something with them”

This is for one person male or female

The setting: A very common one for working magicians,

and mystery entertainers… a cocktail party or event where your guests are mingling,

After introducing yourself to a group,

single out the participant that smiled and made eye contact with you when you shook hands,

you should instinctively know who that is when you approach people

Pose the question,

“Have you ever been hypnotized

?” “No,” they respond or,

” In either case you remark “Wonderful then this should be easy… don’t worry you

just a light one where you can access your imagination better than usual

” (People around may respond with funny remarks etc,

but they definitely will now be interested in what comes next

) “I want you to hold this deck in one hand and stare into your glass of wine…

will notice the wine swirling around in your glass…

It goes around and around more and more… in fact,

the more it swirls around the more you watch it,

and the more you watch it the more it swirls

” (This is actually a very light form of induction

the double binding statement of,

the more it swirls around the more you watch it,

and the more you watch it the more it swirls

Copyright 2008 Andrew Gerard

Their idiomatic response will also kick in and their wine will swirl around in the glass

! “I want you to stare in the center of the wine now,

bigger and bigger… so large in fact you will imagine yourself floating in it

Now in your imagination take the cards out of the deck and throw them up in the air

“ (This beat serves to congratulate the spectator and have a 3 second time out

“Look at all the cards floating in the pool of wine… see all the faces of them,

You can see one is floating on the surface face down,

can you visualize this happening

I see it

hold your breath and dive your head under and take a peek at the face… it may be blurry,

but can you make out what card it is

” “Excellent… Now quickly come back to the room

The glass is getting smaller you return to the party and are back to normal in every way

” The spectator has her eyes open again and will be smiling

Take a minute to ask everyone around to give her an applause… “As real as all of that seemed to you,

in reality you know that it was all in your imagination right

Copyright 2008 Andrew Gerard

(This statement makes is seem to everyone else that she believes everything she imagined was very real

) “Sometimes our imaginations get the best of us… “ Remove the cards and show one face down

If you perform this once you will see how strong the effect is,

due to the fact it celebrates their ability,

All the best Andrew Gerard www


Copyright 2008 Andrew Gerard